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Lemke's online bubble of some stuff she made and some things she likes. She is an interaction designer but also draws, sculpts, builds and has ideas! Of Dutch origine, living in Iceland!
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Adopt a Windmill

During my master’s education the pre-final project was to do a whole product development through research, design and manufacturing for a company. We worked for Econcern, a company that makes innovative solutions for energy use. Our project was to design an innovative product that would lead to behavior change in energy use of consumers.


We wanted to make people aware of their usage and to make it fun to monitor. They could ‘adopt’ a piece of windmill. The windmill shares it’s information with the consumer which makes energy tangible. Consumers would actually see how much ‘their’ windmill was generating.


By adopting a (customized) piece of windmill, people get access to its electricity and the additional services of the adopt a windmill program. One of them is the energy window, which displays peoples home energy usage and the production of their piece of windmill in real-time. This provides consumers with the required insights in their usage patterns, so people can start using more consciously. The accompanying site, gives people the possibility to study their usage patterns in depth and places this energy usage in perspective.


Having a variable and ‘limited’ supply of renewable electricity is a fun an triggering approach to conscious energy usage, challenging consumers to reflect on their own behaviour in a positive way.



February 28, 2009


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