Lemke's online bubble of some stuff she made and some things she likes. She is an interaction designer but also draws, sculpts, builds and has ideas! Of Dutch origine, living in Iceland!
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Hi, I am Lemke.
This site is never up to date  : )
Welcome anyway!


I create interactive experiences for museums and exhibitions. I have been working at the award winning studio Gagarin Interactive since 2015 where my responsibilities cover creating whole exhibition concepts, narratives and interactive installations and guiding them to a solid implementation. 

Interaction design is my expertise which I use in the creation of concepts that unravel complex matter into engaging, approachable and fun experiences. 

other things


Other than that I love painting, occasionally make illustrations for things, make gifts, do projects with friends or any other type of craft.

so, what do you do?

This video gives an insight into the design process I follow with Gagarin. It gives an insight into the way I work and shines a light on the thoughts behind visualisations, interactions, content composition, etc.

I sketch..,
test things..,
arrange narratives..,
Until the end.
I enjoy sharing what I do


A selection of talks I have given in the past


2023 Arctic Circle Iceland

Presenting the next product in the Astrid Climate Education suite focusing on the arctic ocean. 


2022 Phive XR in cultural Heritage, Iceland

A presentation of research and concept behind all the mixed reality visitor experiences I worked on.


2021 NEMO Amsterdam 

Talk and workshop about augmenting stories. Sharing knowledge on how to start thinking about your mixed reality experience. For teachers and cultural institutions. (online)


2021 SEGD Exhibition & Experience Design 

VR as a tool in the Climate change fight shines a light on using XR in the realm of climate education. (online)


2018 XLAB NYC  

Speaking about empathy in the design process when creating exhibition experiences in order to open up complex or niche themes to a larger audience.