Wine gift bag
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Wine gift bag

With the same people I had my company Meer Kerst we were thinking about gifts in general. It is quite common to bring a bottle of wine as a gift to someone’s birthday. Just giving the bottle feels a bit dull, but gift wrapping it is such a waste of materials. We thought on how to make the wine-gift more personal and how to add value to it.


We made this re-usable wrapping of fabric. It looks quite fancy but the nice part is, is that it has a little booklet. This booklet is to be filled in by the receiver (whom did you get the gift from? What was inside? How did you like it?) where he can give an over all ranking of the wine. When there is another party, he can re-use the Wine gift bag (including the booklet) for a present. Over time, as the packaging has been handed over many times, the booklet will become a wine guide!


This becomes a gift bag with a history of its own.


This product was fair trade produced in Nepal too.


July 28, 2012


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