The Travelling Embassy of Rockall
Lemke's online bubble of some stuff she made and some things she likes. She is an interaction designer but also draws, sculpts, builds and has ideas! Of Dutch origine, living in Iceland!
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The Travelling Embassy of Rockall

Rockall is a tiny rock in the ocean, outside the boundaries of any nation in the world. Presumably there is a lot of oil in the ground, it is surrounded by rich waters with fish, but only stands 30 meters tall. Sticking out of the ocean only serving as a resting place for migrating birds, housing all kinds of algea and little critters, nothing much is happening here. Over the years people and countries have tried to claim the rock, witout much luck so far…


My love started dreaming away thinking about ‘what if…’. The world today is globalising rapidly, yet there still exist things like borders, passports and no free movement of people. The hypothesis is: what if we could start a new ‘nation’ in this day and age, how would we redesign society? What would we do different, how can we sustain ourselves, what does one have to do to be a part? Rockall became our new nation and with an awesome team of people the Travelling Embassy of Rockall came into existence.


The Embassy of Rockall emerged in the harbour of Reykjavik. A tiny enclave with an open workshop for tools, an art space, a mini bar, an area for talks and performances, a library and space for people to gather and talk. Over two months the Embassy of Rockall hosted talks and workshops on anything that would contribute to a society, from how to organise your calendar, to how to build a tiny nation, to game theory, to the anthropocene, to benefits of culture, etc.


I can not take much credit besides helping out, designing the first materials for the project and basically thinking along with the project and ask my love tons of questions to keep shaping the ideas and the project.


To see the first presentation of the project, click here.


July 15, 2016


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