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Lemke's online bubble of some stuff she made and some things she likes. She is an interaction designer but also draws, sculpts, builds and has ideas! Of Dutch origine, living in Iceland!
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Some great ideas

Over the years that I’ve been working with zootz/DPI we have done quite some pitches. Here is a selection of ideas we pitched, but never made it to the light. These ideas are my favorites.


1. For the National Archive we thought of an app that brings their collection to life. Old photos and maps are very interesting but hardly ever make it to the public. The whole collection was already digitized, so by simply using the tags it already has, and adding some new, these images could speak on a whole new way.

Old maps function as the basis of the app and you choose the time-period you want to see. The specific map appears with pins. These pins represent images, once taken or painted at the location.  There are two colors: red for the archive photos, blue for pictures users can add themselves. This way all people can add to the archive themselves!



2. Electric bikes are becoming more popular, but they can’t seem to get rid of the image of ‘granny bike’. We thought of a very playful one page website to provide information about electric bikes. We focused on the practicality of transport: perfect for distances a bit too far to go by bike and too close to use the car. Often it was faster too. We made a mock up of the website out of paper and cardboard. I still think it is the best way to sell this bike in an honest way: focusing on why this is a great alternative instead of throwing sales talk and technical terminology.



3. Part of our proposal for the 200 years of Kingdom celebration was to elicit historical places in the city. To make simple landmarks on places with for example statues that referred to the celebration. We wanted to connect these places through colored bricks in the street (like a path) and a high concentration around the landmarks. It was literally about highlighting the elements on the street!



October 29, 2012


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