IÐNÓ Reykjavík
Lemke's online bubble of some stuff she made and some things she likes. She is an interaction designer but also draws, sculpts, builds and has ideas! Of Dutch origine, living in Iceland!
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IÐNÓ Reykjavík

After our proposal ‘IÐNÓ – House of Ideas’ won, my love embarked on a journey to take over the oldest theatre in Reykjavík. The concept our team created focused on the fact that this pearl downtown was a place for entertainment for ALL people in Reykjavik.



Iðnó is Reykjavík’s living room for curiosity. An attractive, accessible and thought-provoking place for ideas and stories. A contemporary hangout for the young and the old to participate, inspire and get inspired on all topics related to the beauty and the absurdity of society.



Iðnó is the place where a polar bear can meet a penguin, where perspectives can change. An old building with a fresh interior, through a synergy of traditional and contemporary design.



Iðnó is a public house for coffee, events and working together. A cozy cafe as an inviting entrance. Serving conversation starting coffee and food for thought. The beautiful events spaces host cultural events as a catalyst to come together and socialise for residents and visitors of Reykjavík. A platform for arts, design and education in all its forms. On top of that all that Iðnó will provide office and studio space for creative minds to elaborate their dreams.


From the start I have been behind my love helping out everywhere from directing house style design, doing interior design, building tables, webdesign, painting, until dishwashing and helping out on the crazy days (all except bartending). There is a cafe/restaurant with amazing coffee, with tables from recycled floor panels from the main hall. Upstairs we have a sound studio, a coworking place and some studios taken up by individual artists. The cross-pollination of all the creative minds in the house create a remarkable atmosphere and produce one-of-a-kind style events!


Today Iðnó has hosted events ranging from election parties to queer parties, from conferences to weddings, from metal concerts to classical concerts, from video game festivals to a poetry brothel.


Please come by:  www.IDNOreykjavik.is

Taste the atmosphere: www.instagram.com/idnorvk

And check out what’s going on: www.facebook.com/IDNOrvk




some awesomeness:
– Our logo, designed by Davið Baldursson was awarded BEST LOGO at the yearly graphic design awards
– We got called out ‘BEST VENUE’ by the Reykjavik Grapevine
– We got nominated in the ‘Best artist run space’ category


September 15, 2019


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