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Lemke's online bubble of some stuff she made and some things she likes. She is an interaction designer but also draws, sculpts, builds and has ideas! Of Dutch origine, living in Iceland!
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FaceSpace REITIR

HUGARSKOT, or "Facepace', is an immersive, hexagonal headspace. The structure allows the viewer to experience life through the eyes of

Freezer Furniture

For the Freezer Hostel in Snæfellsness we've built some furniture for the artist residency space. To keep playing we made

Wine gift bag

With the same people I had my company Meer Kerst we were thinking about gifts in general. It is quite common

Meer Kerst X-mas gifts

In The Netherlands it has become a tradition for an employer to give its employees a 'kerstpakket' (Christmas package) around Christmas

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