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Lemke's online collection of stuff she makes and stuff she likes. She makes drawings, is a designer and is moving to Iceland!
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Stuff I find inspiring. Get lost and enjoy!
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Funny and Weird, just how I like it. Eugenia Loli.   [caption id="attachment_22730" align="aligncenter" width="500"] [/caption] [caption id="attachment_22734" align="aligncenter" width="500"] [/caption] ...

Possible futures from the past

These beautiful inspirational drawings from France in the 1900s by Jean-Marc Côté are just stunning. Beautuful, funny, weird, imaginary and full...

Félicette, first cat in space

This is just crazy. Look at the poor thing! Crazy to see how we were experimenting. The video illustrates it...

Farm grows furniture

You can grow your own furniture! This furniture farm does it for you. Cool idea! Their website....

Dune X

I want this. I want to make this. I love this. Daan Roosegaarde...


A clip sent to me by a friend, for our upcoming travels and all to come...

kitchen dance

Beautiful kitchen dance by Jiri Kylian...


Wes Anderson. Yes, off course. Symmetrical!  ...


OMG, make a drawing and bring it to life! Get your own fluffy Plush toy based on your drawing...

Kyle Thompson

Wonderful strange photographs with a lot of fantasy. Dreamy, I would say! His website.   ...